Replacement Windows For Centennial Homes

Most people don’t need to be convinced to buy new windows for their home–they usually know it is time either by the run-down appearance of their windows or the incessant draft during the chilly Colorado winters. While making the decision that is is time for new windows on your home is easy, what may not be so evident is what type of makes sense for your Centennial home. Below we have outlined the top choices for new windows and what you can expect in performance, appearance, and price when it comes time to purchase these replacement windows for your home.

Material Choices For Replacement Windows In Your Centennial, Colorado Home

Windows frames come in many different materials: wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and composite plastic. Each has its ups and downs but inevitably one or a couple of these options will make good sense for your Centennial home.

Vinyl-Frame Windows:

These are almost always the most affordable windows; as much as half the price of wood-frame versions. They are great with energy efficiency and unlike wood, do not require painting as part of their upkeep. It is important to keep an eye on the construction of the vinyl window frames you are shopping. If the appearance looks uneven or cheap, it is best to move on to another brand.

Wood-frame Windows

These windows are not nearly as popular as they once were, in large part due to the influx of significantly cheaper vinyl windows dominating the market. The upside to wood windows is they are incredibly strong and unparalleled in beauty, making them the gold standard for high-end homes. However, they are hard to maintain and not as energy efficient as many of the new window materials

Fiberglass And Composite-frame windows

These windows are the proverbial “new kid on the block” and are made from a similar material that you see on car bumpers. They are incredibly strong, maintenance-free like vinyl windows and more energy efficient than wood or vinyl. The price of composite replacement windows is somewhere in the middle, between vinyl and wood replacement windows, making them sound choice.

If you are in the market for wood, vinyl or composite replacement windows contact us at Colorado Window Company for more information and for a free consultation