Sliding Replacement Windows

If you’re looking for new replacement windows for your home, there are several different factors you must consider. Does the space necessitate a taller window, or would a more horizontally shaped window fit better? How much air flow (if any) are you trying to receive from the window, and how much control do you want over the ventilation? Would you like the window to swing outwards, or would a window that slides open and shut work better for you? All of these questions require consideration, and here at the Colorado Window Company, we can help find the perfect solution for you.

Why Choose a Sliding Window for Your Denver Home?

A sliding window (also known as a ‘slider’ or ‘glider’) differs from a single hung or double hung window in that it opens and closes by sliding horizontally on a track as opposed to vertically. Often wider than they are tall, slider windows are ideal in situations where vertical wall-space is at a premium. A sliding window may be the perfect choice for opening up that beautiful Denver view above the desk in your office, or perhaps for allowing some light into your master bedroom from above the bed.

Sliding windows efficiently utilize space, and can also be used as an alternative to Casement windows in situations where a panel that swings out is impractical. Perhaps a swinging panel would interfere with a walkway, or obstruct space in your back deck or patio – one of our sliding windows could be a perfect substitute. These are also a popular alternative to casement windows for satisfying bedroom egress requirements if you have a ‘non-conforming’ room in your basement you’d like to bring up to code.

Denver’s Sliding Window Installation Experts

As with all of our other windows, Colorado Window Company offers sliding windows in a variety of materials and styles – all of which maintain the same quality that our over 15,000 customers have grown to expect for 10+ years. Contact us today to speak with our experts and find out about all the fantastic options available for replacement windows in your home.

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