The Benefits of New Replacement Windows

Many times, homeowners will wait to replace their windows until their windows are almost completely ruined. Their windows may have cracked or rotted frames, condensation or moisture on the glass, or perhaps the window is stuck completely shut, possibly due to warping or swelling. While new replacement windows will certainly fix all of these problems, there are several benefits to new replacement windows, even if your old ones aren’t completely ruined!

Energy Efficiency – Colorado Window Company only uses windows from the finest manufacturers, and our expert installers make sure that your new windows will be completely airtight, leading to better insulation and lower costs on your energy bill. While all of our windows are energy efficient, we also offer windows with Low E Glass, which are guaranteed to keep the heat you want inside the house, while keeping the heat you don’t want out.

Aesthetics – Many old windows (aluminum windows, for example) are not only inefficient, but lack aesthetic beauty, as well. Windows are one of the most important aesthetic features of a home — both inside and out. We offer a wide variety of colors and options. We even offer custom window shapes and stained glass. If your home is looking for a bit of a facelift, new replacement windows can dramatically enhance the look of your home.

Maintenance – Most of our windows require very little to no maintenance. Most of our windows swing or tilt out for ease of cleaning the inside and outside of our window, and even our wood frames need very little upkeep. In addition, we offer Sun Clean Self Cleaning Glass for a truly maintenance-free product.

Protection – Our windows offer increased protection from the sun, outside noise, and intruders, as well. Are you tired of the sun fading your furniture? Tired of hearing traffic and car horns outside your window? Or are you looking for an extra layer of security against intruders? We offer a variety of window films that will let you rest easy at night.

Whether you’re looking to lower your energy bills, increase the beauty of your home, reduce your time spent on maintenance, or if you’re looking for a bit of added protection, we can help. Contact us today, and our experienced staff will help guide you through the wide selection of options we have available.

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