Replacement Bow Windows

Colorado Window Company’s custom-made bow windows are a fantastic way to add an elegant touch to the interior and exterior of your home. A “bay” window can be used as a generic term for any style of window that protrudes from the building, creating a bay in the room. Today, however, a bay window typically refers to a three-paneled window, made up of one large picture window in the middle flanked by two (usually smaller) windows on either side. A bow window is a specific type of bay window, which can contain from four up to seven windows to create a beautiful curved effect, adding unique character to your Denver home.

Bow windows offer many of the same benefits as bay windows do. They brighten up the room, allowing more of Denver’s brilliant sunlight into your home. The added space makes the room seem larger, while adding a charming space for a reading nook or to display a special piece of artwork. The additional panels allow for a wider, more unobstructed view of the Colorado landscape, while forming a gentle rounded effect that complements many different types of architecture. Additionally, bow windows can be wrapped around the corner of a building, creating a very unique look while allowing light into the room from two different sides.

Denver’s Bow Window Experts

Do you want to add style and personality to your home? Colorado Window Company has been creating fully customized bow windows and bow doors for over ten years. With a wide assortment of materials and configurations (including stained glass panels), we can build the perfect bow window for your home. Contact us today, and join the ranks of our over 15,000 happy customers all across the state of Colorado.

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